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Thread: Pass Date Variable

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    Default Pass Date Variable

    How can I pass date variables to table input . I want to run my sql query between two dates start date and end date

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    So, you have a Table-Input step with a SELECT statement having a WHERE clause with a condition like "date_expr BETWEEN low_date AND high_date", and you are looking for a way to keep the interval bounds variable?

    Essentially, you've got 2 ways:

    • With a reference like ${low_bound} you can have variable substitution, i.e. option "Replace variables in script" will trigger textual substitution of the references before the statement is prepared.
    • A question mark (?) signals, that you want field substitution, i.e. fields from an incoming row are bound to the parameters of the prepared statement.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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