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Thread: Table output no error but also no Written

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    Default Table output no error but also no Written

    Hello all,

    Sometimes I have a for me strange error/issue.
    I happens with a CSV input and SQL/database table output.
    I'm having this error on PDI 6 through 8.
    At the preview of the CSV input I get no error and the first N rows are showing just fine.
    But then at the output step PDI says x rows Read and 0 rows Written. And when all the rows are read the green "all is ok" sign appears above the step...
    Is there a way how I can find out why there are no rows written?
    Normally when a delimiter is wrong in a CSV, PDI gives a hard error and stops the transformation.

    I cannot send the CSV for testing purposes, because it contains highly sensitive data.

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    can you share your transformation

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    Sorry I was out yesterday.
    It's just a really simple transformation. It's just a staging input output step in the datawarehouse.
    CSV input, ; delimiter, " enclosure, lazy conversion, header row present.
    The Type and Format of columns have been checked on 65.000 rows. When I preview de input step with 1000 (or more) rows, I get to see the table.

    After this input step, there is an output step.
    Just default, with truncate table and specify database fields.
    After this step I have created an error step, which writes the faulty rows to a txt file.

    The thing is, sometimes, not always, Kettle doesn't write to the database, but writes everything to the error step. I terms of Kettle, the total transformation step executed just fine.
    But... when I delete the error step and execute the transformation, Kettle writes nothing to the database and again says the transformation executed just fine.
    I got a new CSV file and with that file the transformation succeeded. So I know it isn't working because of the CSV file.
    But that's no my question/issue.

    Why doesn't Kettle give an error... when it writes zero rows in an output step.

    Sorry that I don't give the transformation, but I cannot access it for the moment. It is on the customers server and I cannot access it remotely.

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