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Thread: Most Common & Supported No-Cost Linux Platform to run a suite of Pentaho CE Tools

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    Default Most Common & Supported No-Cost Linux Platform to run a suite of Pentaho CE Tools

    Hello, the title is pretty much the TLDR of my question.

    I'm looking to match a complete system that rivals MS Win Server/MS SQL Server w/ SSIS/SSAS/SSRS/PowerBI but with Pentaho, Plug-Ins, PostgreSQL/MongoDB however cost free on software. I asked this questions recently and has been answered in detail.

    What is not most common and best supported Linux distro (assuming Desktop and not EE due to some cost) is that used for the Pentaho suite? Has anyone had good luck with OpenSUSE-Leap?

    And how scalable is it? If I get all this onto a box, and build out ETL that runs a decent amount of data in, and a fair sized DB, and a number of Dashboards being hosted, can it perform reasonably on the hosted dashboard side for an end user to slice and dice, drill and click about and have interactive changes within seconds, adhering to general industry response times?

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    Pentaho doesn't have any special requirements from the OS it's running on. It runs on Java so you can pretty much run in on a toaster if you so desire. In your question, you seem to be mixing two aspects:
    1) the environment for development - this is primarily a matter of your preference. Unless you like to use a very non-standard DE, you should be fine with both GNOME and KDE (I use Cinnamon).
    2) performance. Users will access Pentaho from their web browser. The heavy lifting is usually done on the DB side, some on the Pentaho server, so you need to make sure both your DB and Pentaho instance have enough CPU power and memory, though good design of data marts, indexes and aggregates is usually the most important factor in query performance.

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    I have the same question. I have a server with CentOS, but that seems to be more because my hosting provider is basically into web hosting and CentOS is popular with web hosting. I look for some installation guides and so far I see Ubuntu. Who uses Pentaho on Linux with which variation of Linux and why that version?

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    Most of mine have been Gentoo. Mostly because that's what I was most familiar with when I was building the machines.
    CentOS is a decent choice because it follows the RedHat packages, so you're going to find a lot of 3rd party resources that can help you support it.
    Ubuntu is a really common place for a lot of people to begin, so that's why a lot of the beginner guides are written to that.

    I would *NOT* install a Desktop environment for your BI server. Running a GUI wastes cycles that you don't need to be spending -- which are cycles that you are taking away from your ETL/Report when the server is under heavy load.

    GUIs are for developing the reports, not running them.

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