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Thread: authentication issue trying to read from HDFS with Kerberos

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    Question authentication issue trying to read from HDFS with Kerberos

    I have a basic job that uses a Hadoop File Input step to read a file in HDFS and write to log the contents.
    This works on a non-Kerberized cluster.

    I moved the job to a Kerberized cluster and am getting "SIMPLE authentication is not enabled. Available:[TOKEN, KERBEROS]" error.

    I've moved the proper *-site.xml files under hdp25 as well as modified and added the info for:

    Why is it still looking for simple authentication and not reading the Kerberos settings?
    Is there anything else needed for Pentaho to use Kerberos?

    I even removed the shims out of the hdp25 folder, and the error message didn't change.
    So the error occurs even before it reads the shims??
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