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Thread: Transformation Name: ${variable}

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    Default Transformation Name: ${variable}

    I have a transformation that is being called multiple times via the "change number of copies to start".
    The transformation runs some Linux commands.
    The problem that I'm having is that in my logging, it just shows the generic name of the transformation and I cannot get good metrics for each command's run.
    I would like to dynamically change the name of this transformation's name, so that in my logging I can isolate the different commands that are running parallel.
    I've already tried to set the name to "Transformation name: ${command} but that just shows "${command}" in my logging table. Obviously not what I want.
    Can any of you pros think of a way for me to achieve what I want?
    Thank you!
    Eric Woodall

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    From your problem statement, I did not understand below ...

    1. What does this mean, "name of this transformation's name." ?
    2. did you set the variable "command" as an environment variables using "Set Variable" step with appropriate scope?

    Can you provide an example of your code or screenshots ?

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    Thanks for the reply but I have found a workaround.
    Basically what I was trying to do was override a Transformation's Name with a ${variable}.
    My workaround uses a new logging table to capture the command inside of the transformation. It ties to the ID_BATCH of the transformation by doing a "Get System Info" step.
    Works fine.

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