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Thread: Job Mail Attachments selection

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    Default Job Mail Attachments selection

    Hi everybody,
    I've spent some time lurking around information regarding how to attach files in the "Mail" step of a job.
    What I've ended up finding is that flagging "Attach file(s) to message", and selecting "General" as file type, all the files processed in the Job are attached to the mail.

    My situation is the following:
    I process a total of three files in the job's transformations, two of them need to be attached to the mail at the end of the job, but one not.
    That file is imported in the DB, and later on, moved to a "processed" folder. When the Mail step is performed, the file can't be found and therefore the Job fails.

    I don't want to add that file as attachment to the mail, but so far I didn't find the way to select specific files as attachments.

    I hope I've been clear enough, could anyone help me please?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    At the Job level, there's a "Delete File from Results" that lets you remove a filename from the Result set. Then it won't try to attach that file to the mail.

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    Excellent! Works now.
    Thanks a lot for the help!

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