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Thread: Replace in string Whole Word confusion

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    Default Replace in string Whole Word confusion

    Okay so I have some values coming in for numeric fields. Sometimes I get just a plain period and sometimes I get actual numerical values such as 12.34

    I want to replace the periods when it is only a period in that field, because this is being loaded into redshift into a numeric column and trying to insert a period makes it fail

    When I tried a string replace to do periods to 0's, it did the following:

    . --> 0
    12.34 --> 12034

    Then I tried the option for Whole Word set to Y because I though it would use the logic "only replace if the entire field value matches the search field". However it gave me this:

    . --> .
    12.34 --> 0

    Am I doing something wrong or is there an option to only replace when the entire value is a thing. I don't want to do a massive string of filters and replaces...

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    The REPLACE IN STRING step won't work for that, as you have experienced, it is for replacing characters in a string, you can't make it replace the whole string if it matches your pattern. I would use the NULL IF step (if it works Null instead of 0, although you could combine it with the IF NULL step) or the REGEX EVALUATION or FORMULA steps.
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    With the REGEX EVALUATION you can check with this regex: ^\d*[.]?\d*$
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    Sounds like a pretty simple java expression:

    fieldName.equals(".") ? "0" : fieldName

    Easier to understand than regex.

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