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Thread: Salesforce API 41.0

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    Default Salesforce API 41.0

    Hello - is there a way for Pentaho 7.1 to support Salesforce API 41.0 in Salesforce Input step? By default the step uses, but we've migrated to use a higher Salesforce API version, and changing the Salesforce Webservice URL to would give us an error:

    'Cannot connect to Salesforce with username []. Please check username and password. Exception: Error connecting to Salesforce!
    unable to find end tag at: START_TAG seen ...</orgDefaultCurrencyIsoCode><orgDefaultCurrencyLocale>... @1:901'


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    Hi Cat-Cat,

    You can continue to use the 37.0 API version in PDI, even though Salesforce has provided newer API versions as well. Many PDI users are still using the 21.0 API version successfully.

    The only major difference is that some fields that were only added in 38.0 and later, if any, won't appear when you try to query for them in PDI. I'm not aware of what, if any, fields are in 38.0 or later, so you may not be impacted by having an older API version.

    It appears that the next release, PDI 8.1, will be using the newer Salesforce API 41.0 libraries.

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    Thank you matthewtckr. Yea- we've added fields in Salesforce using 41.0 and we are not seeing them in Salesforce Input step with Pentaho 7.1.

    I was hoping there would be some sort of a workaround on I guess we'll just have to wait for the next release.

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