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Thread: PDI keeps complaining about data type conflict

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    Angry PDI keeps complaining about data type conflict

    I am doing a database join in PDI 7 on SQL Server 2016. It keeps whining about a type conflict between the field from the database that is used for the lookup in relation to the string field. I have set all in the stream to String and used a CAST as nvarchar(16) in the database query and still it dares to say that one is a String and the other a Number. Where does this bug find its origin and how can I work around it without changing to a full load of the one side with a merge join?

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    I've worked around some similar types of problems, but would need more detail to be able to help you. I don't know what to suggest other than to look at the actual transformation you have as well as the underlying tables. Since you say the problem is in the context of a lookup, I think it would be particularly helpful to know what type of step the error is occurring in.

    Can you supply the create table statements for the tables in question and the transformation--or some slightly modified version of it if there's something proprietary about the tables' column definitions or the transformation itself? With that info and identification of the step that's throwing the error along with the text of the error itself, I (or someone else) might be able to help.


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