Hi I am also facing similar kind of issue

My JSON query is (Mongo DB)
{ "timeStamp": { $gte: ISODate("2016-12-02T21:15:00.000+0000") },
$and: [ { "timeStamp": { $lte: ISODate("2016-12-06T21:15:00.000+0000") } } ],
"tag_id": { $ne: "Tag1} }

Tried following query also
{ "tag_id": "Tag1",
"timeStamp": ISODate("2016-05-02T14:40:00.000+0000") }
No result for above query as well

Not able to get any data

But when I use

{ "tag_id": "Tag1}

I get the desired data.I have tried your solution also.No result.

Kindly Support