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Thread: Insert Carriage Return

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    Default Insert Carriage Return

    Is there any way to insert a carriage return in PDI?

    I have two strings and I want to concatenate both strings but inserting in the middle a carriage return.


    String1: "My name is David and"
    String2: "I am 20 years old"


    "My name is David
    and I am 20 years old"

    Can anyone help me on how to do this?

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    You can use something like concatenate string function, concatenating three strings something similar to this: CONCATENATE("My name is David and", UNICHAR(10), "I am 20 years old"), but you have to check the name and sintax of the CONCATENATE function, as well as the UNICHAR function, that is what I use with Report Designer, in PDI I perform that kind of operation in the Database, so I don't know if that sintax will work in PDI.
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