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Thread: How to Schedule a PDI Job to be Quarterly?

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    Default How to Schedule a PDI Job to be Quarterly?

    This might just be a simple answer that I'm not seeing in the standard PDI scheduling options but I'm trying to schedule a Job to run every 3 months rather than monthly.
    I can see under the Monthly option that I can only select a specific day of each month.
    Under the Weekly option there is the ability to choose to run a Job every X days, it would be nice if there was an equivalent ability under the Monthly option and then I could choose to run it every 3 months. However, this is not an option.

    Is there something I'm missing or will I have to try schedule it Monthly and then build some extra logic into my Job to determine if the Job is running for the first time in a Quarter and suppress the output of the results if it is not the first time?


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    Hi Ed,

    If you are using crontab - 0 0 1 */3 * (run first day of every third month)

    PDI 8.0.0
    MySQL - 5.6.27
    Redshift - 1.0.1485
    PostgreSQL 8.0.2
    OS - Ubuntu 10.04.2

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    If you're using the builtin scheduler for the EE edition, you may need to add a bit of logic into your job.

    I've seen instances where someone wanted the job to run daily, but the data may not be available at the same time each day. In that case, we scheduled it hourly, and just had checks for data availability and whether it had already executed on that day's dataset.

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