we have a problem, supposedly with the Mondrian cache of Pentaho Server or with the CDE cache, we are not sure which of them.

Every night, we execute a series of kettle ETLs that load data in a MySQL database, through which we have generated cubes, which have been published in the Pentaho Server. We have some dashboards, with bar charts, etc, that run MDX queries through the previous cubes.

Well, the next day, when we enter Pentaho Server to view the dashboards, we see that the graphics do not correspond to the data of the MySQL database. To make the data correspond, we must always go to the "Tools -> Refresh" menu and select all the refresh options in this menu, System Settings, Reporting Data, Global Variables, Mondrian Schema Cache, Reporting Data Cache and CDA Cache. Sometimes, we even have to do it two or three times.

Once this is done, the data from the database and the dashboards already agree.

How could we solve this problem? Is there any way to refresh all these data from the ETL processes of kettle?. What other ways would I have to solve it?

Best regards.