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Thread: Problems when publishing cube, it is published but it is not displayed.

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    Default Problems when publishing cube, it is published but it is not displayed.


    I have a cube published in a B.D. Oracle, that works for me.

    Another Oracle Database server has been mounted. In the Workbench scheme, the new connection is taken into account, and the Oracle schema also changes.

    The tables have been copied to the new B.D.

    In the Workbench scheme it does not give any errors, it publishes correctly, but when in the BI console, I create a new saiku, it does not visualize the cube.

    The connection is correct in both Workbench and BI, since the test gives me ok.

    In the catalina logs or I see nothing, that tells me not to like the cube.

    How can I find out where the problem is?

    Thank you

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    I have detected that the problem is in the role section. If I remove this the cube is displayed well. That section is correct, since published in another BD oracle, same version, same model of tables, works, having well the data of connection and scheme of the same.

    When a cube is published, and this is not visualized by some problem in saiku, there is some log or site where you can see what the problem is, what it does not like. In the log of catalina I do not see anything about it. ??

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    You have to enable the Mondrian logging in the log4j.xml (..\pentaho-server\tomcat\webapps\pentaho\WEB-INF\classes)
    Can you see the cube in the JPivot view?

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