** Newbie Alert ***
Apologies if this has been asked before - I did search but could not find anything obviously related.

I am in process of making a wide range of kettle PDI transformations, many of which are joined together as jobs too.

I'm now beginning to think about how I will create reports using this data and so trying to learn about the Report Designer and so far so good, but I am now a little stuck with two points:

  1. It's easy to add the transformation as a data source then add a text-field and link that to the field name in the transformation and that 'pulls in' a list of values. In many cases thats just great, but what about if I only want to use a certain value in that list? Is there any way to lock the value in the text-field to a single value in that list of values of that field name?
  2. What if I need to run a whole 'job' to get the transformation to run in order to get the correct value? Would it be better to create a transformation which includes all the pre-work being done earlier in the job?

As you can tell, I'm a real newbie and will very much appreciate any assistance or links to training/books or videos which might help me figure all this stuff out. The Pentaho suite seems to be be crazy powerful, but not that intuitive to learn!

Many thanks in advance!