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Thread: Get sum as a single value

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    Default Get sum as a single value


    Newbie with Pentaho Reporting and looking for some advice with what I am sure is a very simple question.

    In my report I am pulling in data from a pdi transformation, its just a list of prices. There are 26 items in the list and each has a price value which is of type [double]. All I want to do is have a single field which contains the sum total for all the values. I am able to add a numeric-field, point it to the data source and then, using the aggregation-type select SUM; which I thought would do the trick. It works but I get a value for every item in the list. In my case I get a list of 26 instances of 237 (which IS the total).

    Q - How to get a single value of 237 not an instance of the value for every item in the list?

    I must be missing something very simple, I'm sure.


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    In the Structure tab, you have inside Group a Group Header and a Group Footer, you could create a function (in the Data tab) to calculate the Total of your 26 instances and show it there. If you don't need to show those 26 instances, you could hide the Details body section.
    Anyway, given your questions, this book might be handy:, I used the previous version to get the gist of Pentaho Reports.
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    Hi Ana GH

    Many thanks. I see now that when the function runs in the details area of the report, I get all values (what i don't want). When I put the same function in the footer, for example, I just get a single result (which is what I do want). I need to learn more about the report sections and what they are for etc. Thanks for this, I'll also get a copy of that book! Any other training materials? I see there is a course on Udemy, but it didn't look all that good.


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    Google and you will find several books about Pentaho reporting.

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