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Thread: Downloading .saiku files

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    Default Downloading .saiku files

    Hi, I'm using Pentaho 6.1 and I want to download the .saiku files. However, when I try to download the file, it only download the exportManifest.xml.
    I even use the Repository Synchronizer, but it generates the .saiku files, completely empty in the directory.
    Is there a way to get those files?
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    Not sure, but I would try to edit the file
    inserting a tag "<extension>saiku</extension>"
    inside the tag "<MimeTypeDefinition mimeType="text/xml">".

    I know it is required for uploading. Maybe for downloading too.

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    for downloading saiku you need to add:
    in biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/importExport.xml

    <entry key="saiku" value-ref="streamConverter"/>

    at around line 53 (add it after the other "entry")

    Then after a restart of BI-Server the downloaded zip will include saiku files, too.

    But uploading still does not work. I'll try the comment of luciano donazzolo.

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