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Thread: Pentaho CE 7.1 to 8.1 upgrade

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    Default Pentaho CE 7.1 to 8.1 upgrade

    Has anyone undergone an upgrade from Pentaho CE 7.x to the latest version of CE 8.1? If so, do you see any issues with the upgrade?
    I am also looking for some feedback on how to make the upgrade smooth without having to take lot of downtime.
    Appreciate your responses.

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    Our project went from over to without any problems, but when tyring to run the jobs won't start as before.
    It seems like there are problems when passing parameters from the terminal. I will try to analyze the problem and my shell wrapper later.

    There was a problem passing unspecified variables from a job to transformation, where I just had to check the pass variables options.
    After that, I discovered another problem, which I will discuss in another thread.
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