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Thread: How to read the last filename to notify it via email?

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    Default How to read the last filename to notify it via email?

    I'm using PDI for running a script that backup my SQL Server DBs. I like to receive an email after the moving of the BAK files on my NAS and I'd like to read in the e-mail the filename of the file just moved.

    The structure is
    J1 use a T1 to know the DBs to backup
    T1 passes N rows to J2 that is setted to Execute every input row (every row is the name of the DB)
    J2 Execute a batch script using %1 as argument (then %1 is the name of the DB) and the Backup starts
    When the backup finishes J2 Move the file from the local folder to the folder on nas and the Move Files Step has setted the flag to Add files to result files name
    When the move process is finished J2 sends an email and here I'd like to write the filename of the file moved or AT LEAST the value of %1

    But I can't read anyone of both

    Can you help me?

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    In J2 plave a transformation with the step : "Get files from result" and use that to set a variable with the filename. You can use this variable in the mail entry

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    And it was so easy.... thank you very much

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