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Thread: How to locate the correct installation instructions for PDI Community edition on MAC?

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    Default How to locate the correct installation instructions for PDI Community edition on MAC?

    I'm trying to get this application into shape at a development environment-type level.

    However, as previously, I cannot find a complete and coherent set of instructions and documentation that do not bounce around between production commercial version docs and community version docs.

    Based on this third go-round over that many years, and having spent 4 months working through SSIS, I'm leaning toward following the commercial version docs. But... I really have no confidence that that i will be able to disambiguate the actual installation layout and configuration if I am working with the community edition installer.

    So I'm stuck with a dual-proc, 12 core, Intel Mac 'server' box with 96GB RAM and 6TB of Raid, and postgres 10. And I have a couple other server-sized boxes that will suffice for a SPARK infrastructure.

    So where are the complete, coherent, reliable installation instructions that will allow me to actually complete a working installation of PDI, and its related apps with a database repository?

    I'm 10 days into this latest attempt and I'm getting no closer to a development environment than broken examples from a 'just unzip it' version.

    If the community version is really just a hobbyist tinker, or if there actually is no solid support for a mac, please just say so. If not, where are the detailed instructions necessary to succeed with a working open-source infrastructure?

    My opinion is that being unable to succeed with a workmanlike implementation should not be chalked up to OS or developer idiosyncrasies. So I have hope...


    Kimball Johnson

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    Ok, so I think I'm getting to the answer:

    Download for community server is here:
    and the 'server' is included with the BI download.

    And it runs on Linux and Windows, not mac (that's sound).

    Next research -- But if its going to be running against/around/above? SPARK, does the installation sequence matter?

    I'll add to this if I find out.

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    I use PDI on a Mac, although my version isn't the newest. I see that you can also download the latest version from SourceForge - - find the green button for version 8.1 *above* the file list grid that shows older versions.

    What I always do is this:

    unzip the file to a directory
    go into the plugins directory and delete the hadoop directory because it's big, and we don't use it
    start the PDI developer GUI by running spoon.command from a shell prompt

    There's a "Data" folder in the PDI distribution, but it never seems to work properly, and starting from a Terminal prompt works fine.

    To run a job from the command line, use

    To run a transformation from the command line, use

    Mostly, running PDI on OSX is the same as running it on Linux, which makes sense because they're both versions of Unix.

    Some things might have changed with the latest versions, but hopefully this helps you.

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