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Thread: Problem to running *.prpt report using Pentaho Data Integration (Slow).

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    Default Problem to running *.prpt report using Pentaho Data Integration (Slow).


    I have developed report using the Pentaho report designer (prd-ce- and uploaded this report to the Pentaho BI-server (biserver-ce- My database is MS SQL server and JNDI database connection is used with the report.

    I have created a PDI transformation to execute my reports.
    Here are some steps for report schedule which I have used, steps are-
    1. Download Report and XMI from BI-server using the PDI “HTTP transfer file” object into a location.
    2. Transform this downloaded report using the “Pentaho Reporting file Output” object.

    My Issue:-
    I have faced a specific problem for some reports with higher execution time.

    I have two types of report –
    1. Low data processing and lower number of query used into the report.
    2. Complex data processing and large number of query used into the report.

    For type #1, report execution time is (2-8 min) either I run the report from BI-server or run that report using PDI transformation and it’s expected.

    For type #2, report execution time is (5-12 min) when I run the report from BI-server and it is expected for me .But execution time is not expected for me when I run same report using PDI transformation because its take more than 60-80 min to run the same report.

    To solve this problem I have increased “Maximum Java Heap size (Xmx)” and “MaxPermSize” form spoon.bat. But its not working for me.

    It will help for me if I get some solution regarding this issue.

    Sakil Ahmmed

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    Any solution for this. I 'm having het same problem.

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    Exclamation Performance of report designer from within kettle is still an issue in version 6.1

    HI All,

    did anyone found a solution for this?

    Seems to be still a major issue on Pentaho EE version

    After performance checks of a larger transformation I was surprised that the "Pentaho Reporting File Output" step of kettle is such a bottleneck.
    Local Tests Results:
    Running the report from the Report Designer after restarting computer (no data caching) it takes 10 seconds to generate a pdf preview.
    Calling the report from within kettle it takes on average 2 min and 30 sec to get the pdf!!!!

    It would be graet to solve this as I need to generate around 4000 reports each month and this is the slowest part in the whole process.

    So any ideas and feedback is highly appreciated.

    Cheers, Arwed

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    Hi Arwed,

    If you are using EE , then you have support - I would raise the issue with them as well as using the community.

    PDI 8.0.0
    MySQL - 5.6.27
    Redshift - 1.0.1485
    PostgreSQL 8.0.2
    OS - Ubuntu 10.04.2

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    For anyone interested - we (not me, my team ) managed to solve it. Turns out if passing a parameter from kettle to the PRPT file the types must match exactly. For example in our case we passed an integer from kettle to an integer in the report. Unfortunately it was loading as a bigint in kettle which ends up casting to something which is not a "long" for the reporting engine - the engine was expecting a long. For reasons unknown the report could then take up to 15 minutes to complete instead of 5 seconds. Sounds very obvious but also very easy to overlook and the bahavior is not predictable - seems to be the result of complex traversing logic in the reporting engine. One of the symptons is seemingly simple queries hanging for extended periods of time in the database while the reporting engine loops. We lost a lot of time looking at parallelization problems in kettle and database optimizations

    We fixed it by checking the data types in the kettle flow. Report runs perfect now!!!!!

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