I have a Pentaho server that utilizes JNDI connections. We recently had a client complain about text passwords sitting in the JNDI folder. I thought I had found a work around by utilizing the Windows Authentication on the Pentaho Server (Windows Server), but I am unable to successfully connect to the database with JNDI and integratedSecurity=true. The error I get continues to say "Required subelement 'user'."

The integratedSecurity option works when I set it up within Spoon as a MS SQL Server Native JDBC connection, but not when referenced in the JNDI file. I have obviously moved the sqljdbc_auth.dll to the correct location.

Can anyone help me with the proper JNDI reference to make the connection operate as it does with MS SQL Server Native JDBC connection setup?
I have tried jtds and useNTLMv2=true and the standard jdbc setups. There has to be a way to do this right?