Hey Folks,

I've been using kettle for a long time now, but I recently came up against an issue where the type of the first row was affecting the table input step:
In SQLite, I have a column Typed as 'Numeric' which can store integers as integers, but floats as floats, etc.
In my table, I have a column with both integer and float (real) values.

When I use the table input step, and a integer value is in the first row, all rows are typed as integer, and I cannot retrieve the float values (they are rounded, and not just masked!). I've tried using a Select Values, Alter metadata step, but the value has definitely been lost.

If I order my table input query to return the float value first, then it seems that everything is considered a float and works fine.

At this point I can change the structure of my column, from 'Numeric' (which is what Kettle originally suggests) to 'Real', which forces integers to be typed as real, but I imagine that this could cause issues for others.

Has anyone else ever come across this? Should I raise this as a bug request ( I can't find any other references from a solid googling)?

PDI: V7.1.0.0-12, Windows.
Thanks for your help!