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Thread: Question about string lookups in MS-SQL

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    Default Question about string lookups in MS-SQL

    I'm reading in a text file and doing a sql lookup on one of the fields that is defined as String.
    I'm trimming the field and it typically has 8-20 characters and defining the length as 255 on the text file input.

    The key I'm looking up is defined as varchar(255) on the data base.
    Our DBA was reviewing the activity on the server and noted that in the query the lookup is coming as nvarchar(4000).

    I'm using sqljdbc4.jar for the drive rand currently pdi-cd- - though I will be upgrading to 8 shortly.

    Is there a way to limit the size of what the sql query will be using or have it use nvarchar(255)?


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    Did you ever find out why PDI is using nvarchar(4000) on lookups (and updates)?

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    No I didn't.

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    In the SQL Server JDBC connection, you need to add a parameter called 'sendStringParametersAsUnicode' with a value of 'false'.

    The JDBC driver defaults to sending any String values as nvarchar to the server.

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