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Thread: Anyone have scripts to create windows service for PDIEE 8X

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    Default Anyone have scripts to create windows service for PDIEE 8X

    Installed the archive build of PDIEE 8 on our Windows Server 2012 box. Does anyone have a script to run the tomcat as a service instead of using the start-pentaho.bat file?


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    You can use sc.exe for that. It should looks like something like
    sc.exe create <your_service_name> binPath="<path to your bat file>"
    You have to run that command as a administrator

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    I'd recommend using the Tomcat application to create the Windows Service. See for examples.

    Note that you may need to download a copy of Tomcat from the Apache site, as the version of tomcat8w that comes with PDI-EE is a 32-bit executable and not the 64-bit version that you'll need, if I remember correctly.

    Since you're working with EE as well, you might check their Support Knowledge Base, or put in a support ticket with them.

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