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Thread: Dynamic Authorization Key for Rest Client

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    Default Dynamic Authorization Key for Rest Client

    I have an API that I'm trying to hit and pull back data but the problem is that the authorization token that I have to pass in/use to my Rest Client step is dynamic. I.e., I have to make a HTTP Post call to create a new token and then use that new token each time I want to do a "Get" call within my Rest Client step. I have no problem doing the HTTP post and getting the authorization key each time. Currently I am outputting that key to a json file but I can put it in a database or wherever is needed, if needed.

    My question is: how do I pass this dynamic authorization key to my Rest Client step? Generally, a Rest Client step has to have a "Generate Rows" step before it, but I can't seem to pass a dynamic value to the "Generate Rows" step. If I could my problem would be solved. Any ideas?
    Thanks for the help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexbitz View Post
    a Rest Client step has to have a "Generate Rows" step before it
    Actually, it just needs to have an input step.
    So File Input, DB Input, etc all work.

    In fact, you should be able to store your key in a row-value coming from the HTTP Post, and then use that row-value in the REST Client.

    NOTE: I don't currently have any REST APIs available to me, so I cannot test to confirm this feedback is valid.

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    Perfect, I got it working. I didn't realize you could use something other than Generate Rows. I really appreciate your help!


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