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Thread: Regex to retrieve part of string

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    Default Regex to retrieve part of string

    Hi all,

    I want to retrieve 25 from following string.
    For example: Sunday, 25 March, 01:00
    The format of above string is fixed.
    Can I get it by using regex?
    Please can anybody help me in creating regex for this?
    I am trying to use "replace string" step for this.
    Please let me know if any other easy way for implementation


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    Yes you can have a regex for that purpose. But you would have better luck trying a regex forum, as this is not specific to kettle.

    Regex could look something like this: .*(\d{2}).*\d{2}:\d{2}

    Have you tried

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    If your string is a well-known date format, why not convert it from String to a date?
    You can then do all the useful functions on that including "Day of month of date"

    I almost always advocate coming in with the actual problem that you're trying to solve, not coming in asking how to implement a particular solution... RegEx is not always the best solution to a problem.

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    Thanks All
    I used javascript step to get string between two commas.

    var test_day_start_date = DST_Start_March.substring(
    DST_Start_March.indexOf(",") + 1,

    Then I used String operation step and Set "Digits" value to "Only".

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