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    Default Mail Validator

    Hi All,

    I am using Mail validator step in pentaho pdi 8.

    The step is outputting "Connection Refused: Connect" as ErrorMessage while validating email address. Given the not so descriptive error message, I am struggling to find the real reason of this error message.

    Any thoughts?

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    Update: when I enable Row-level logging, I can see "Mail Validator.0 - We found 1 exchanger(s)." for .But it also says,

    2018/10/15 14:56:44 - Email_Validator - Triggering heartbeat signal for Email_Validator at every 10 seconds
    2018/10/15 14:56:44 - Filter rows.0 - Sending row to false :Not good : [], [N], [Connection refused: connect]
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    When the Mail Validator step runs, you're having it do a check against the mail server for that domain. In this case, it appears that the mail server is refusing to allow your connection.

    Using, it's having the same issue attempting to connect to the mail server for

    If you're using this step with the SMTP Check option enabled, you might want to reconsider if it will handle many rows of data, as it makes an outbound connection to a remote server for each email address, which can cause large delays in your ETL.

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