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Thread: Changing Pentaho Folder name and Karaf

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    Default Changing Pentaho Folder name and Karaf

    So for a while I had the name of my folder PentahoLE which I then changed to just Pentaho so the file paths were this:

    Old: C:\PenathoLE\data-integration
    New: C:\Penatho\data-integration

    Everything works fine but now when I run Spoon, the old C:\PentahoLE is created again for Karaf. Is there a way to stop this from happening? I found a path that had the old name in: "C:\Penatho\data-integration\system\karaf\instances\" but changing it did not work. Still recreates that old folder.

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    yes there are chances but should take backup if there any dependents.

    1. delete your folder(Penatho) and delete .kettle folder under your user directory
    2. then unzip pdi folder and start freshly, you will not face issue again.

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    I experienced this too. Moved the folder and the old folder still keeps being created:


    I even found the path reference in "".

    If we delete and start fresh, the problem has not been solved.
    If it needs to be moved again (for example, maybe not this instance, but another instance on a different machine), do we have to keep starting fresh?

    It seems the path is getting stored somewhere on first run - why can't we change it, or it be made dynamic?
    The package doesn't even have an installer..


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    I know it is an old thread but i had the same issue today so, just in case someone else looks here, here are the steps i took:
    - close pdi client
    - DELETE the pentaho\design-tools\data-integration\system\karaf\caches\spoon folder
    - Update the path in the file pentaho\design-tools\data-integration\system\karaf\

    Restart the client - it might take a minute longer because it will rebuild the cache, but you should be good to go!

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