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Thread: Is there a difference between Kettle and PDIEE when running Jobs/Transformations?

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    Default Is there a difference between Kettle and PDIEE when running Jobs/Transformations?

    This question arises every so often on our dev team and we are trying to find a definitive answer to the question "If you run your job in Kettle alone is it the same as running it in PDIEE - meaning the underlying execution is the same?" Trying to determine if there's any benefit to moving our entire kettle repository into PDIEE environment.

    we currently develop in spoon, keep our kettle repository in Oracle and schedule all jobs through windows task scheduler on our server as such:
    "E:\pdi-ee-\pdi-ee\data-integration\kitchen.bat" /rep:"PROD_PENT" /job:"xxxxx_PROD" /dir:/"xx/xxxxxxx" /user:xx /pass:xx /level:Basic


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    The PDI EE version provides additional features, mainly through additional steps and job entries (or features like Kerberos support in Hadoop).

    The main features that running a job on a Pentaho Server would be related to monitoring capabilities (see It also has a built-in scheduler, but it's just as easy to use whatever scheduler you're likely already using.

    Running something like Kitchen or Carte on the same server that you might put a Pentaho Server on would show similar results, as it's still using the same underlying Kettle Engine to execute your jobs and transformations. Unless your Oracle database repository is slow (never say that to an Oracle DBA), you probably won't see much performance difference between the two.

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    So why even use PDIEE if none of the other add-ins such as built-in scheduler, monitoring, analytics, dashboards are being utilized? The only reason I can think purchasing PDIEE is for support and even then it a lot just for a n ETL tool?

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    There's either an issue with product training or genuinely missing features if you're regularly being asked about EE. It wouldn't hurt to setup a call with the sales team just to get answers on what EE offers in terms of your specific workloads.

    At least that way you could make notes or record the session, and have that handy for next time. It also helps in evaluating future releases, as there are generally hundreds of fixes and improvements, not just the major ones that make it into the marketing announcement.

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