Hello all,

today I trieed to set up a data base repository to store my transformations for kettle pdi-ce- in oracle.
I can not setup a repository.
I was able to setup a oracle connection whitch was successful created.

What I did (OS = Windows 10):
create user tdw_kettle identified by xxxx;
GRANT connect TO tdw_kettle;
GRANT resource TO tdw_kettle;

start Spoon.bat
go to the upper right corner of the gui and select "Connect" - Button
go to "Other Repositories" link
select "Database Repository" link
go to "get startet"
Set "Display Name"
Select "Database Connection" --> create a database connection (oracle) --> test --> ok
Select "Back"
Select Launch connection on startup
Select "Finish" button
Get a message box "Congratulations!"
Select "Connect now"
Enter standard credentials admin/admin
Get the following Error "You don't getting a connection to the server........"

Please, where go I wrong.
Do I have to setup a server?
Using previous Kettle Versions are provided by creating a repository from scretch.

Is there a discription how to set up the kettle repository for pdi 8.1.

Thank you so much for any recommendations or help in advance?