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Thread: Can I run Community Edition in a production environment?

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    Default Can I run Community Edition in a production environment?

    Trying to get some input from the Pentaho group on some questions that arose in a discussion.
    1. Can you run the Community Edition in a production environment? If you do, how big is your Pentaho Environment?
    2. Why did you go the CE route instead of using the Pentaho paid subscription?
    3. What do you do for support if you run into a Production issue?
    4. Are there outside companies that provide support and if so what is their response time.

    Our environment - We use spoon/kettle only with an Oracle 12c backend repository (which is non-supported) and do all our scheduling through Windows task scheduler. Been this way for 13yrs now.

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    Hi, interesting questions!

    1) I am running Community Edition in production environment (multiple ETL programs for generating statistics).
    2) It was what was available to me when I started from a previous project. In the start I hadn't even heard of paid subscription and always felt I had everything I needed for free.
    3) When there is a problem (bug, weird behavior, undocumented or poorly documented functionality), I google similar topics and use this forum.
    4) No outside companies provide support (and consequently no response time).

    Our environemnt is spoon/kettle only with a mysql database. We use git repository for version control. All scheduling is either executed by other programs or run as service scripts with regular interval execution (3 years experience).

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    Well, you have your own answer, your company has been using CE edition for 13 years and you haven't had the need for the EE edition.
    I suppose for a company with employees which doesn't have a lot of knowledge/time to learn PDI by themselves and workaround the issues when they find one, it makes sense to pay for support, but in our case, we aren't using PDI for any critical processes (for now), and my company paid for the time it took me to learn Pentaho by myself, it didn't took me much time, I had knowledge in other Integration tool so I knew the basics of what a DW tool should do, and I've been able to workaround the issues I have found trying to get some things done.
    If I run into a production issue, I'll try to solve it myself or workaround it. We are still in production in version 6.1 because I haven't had the time to test that everything I have already done works in a more recent version (I'm doing at the same time some changes on the database we are going to use, so it's not all about testing what it's already done, but testing some future modifications and normal day development is stalling that part)
    We did consult with an external company for help on the part of Dashboard development as I don't have knowledge of JavaScript/html/css (but using the CE version), but the PDI and Reports part was much me learning by myself.
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits
    Java: Openjdk 1.8.0_131
    Pentaho 6.1 CE

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