I am trying to create drill down report in pentaho report designer. My end goal is to to display the report in the same page as the main report (just below the parent report)or a pop will also work.

What I have tried:
First I am trying to achieve basic functionality of passing parameter from parent report to child report but not able to do it.

Created two reports first.prpt and drilledreport.prpt and published on the bi server.
In First report I have defined in url attribute

HTML Code:
 =DRILLDOWN("remote-sugar"; "http://localhost:8080/pentaho"; {":entaho-path"; "/public/Steel Wheels/Reports/drilledreport.prpt"};{"productline"};[PRODUCTLINE])
in drilledreport have created query like this:
select PRODUCTNAME FROM PRODUCTS where productline =${productline}

on clicking the productline it is calling drilled report but it is not showing any data.

It would be great help if anyone can point me where I am doing wrong. and if anyone has achieved what my end goal is, any idea or sample would be really helpful for me.