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Thread: Executing bat file on remote machine from local machine in same network.

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    Default Executing bat file on remote machine from local machine in same network.

    Hi All,

    I have multiple machines on a same network. I have my pentaho solution installed on a machine say machine A.
    I have created a executeJob.bat file on machine A. I execute pentaho ETL job by executing executeJob.bat file on machine A.
    Now I want to execute this executeJob.bat file on the same machine A from a remote machine say machine B or machine C which are in same network.
    Please help me how can I achieve this.


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    Anyone out there to help??

    I tried following command on my local machine

    psexec \\RemoteServerNameOrIP C:\ProgramData\Automation\executeETLjob.bat

    but I get "Access Denied" error.
    Both machines are in same network. I have also shared the "
    C:\ProgramData\Automation" folder which is on remote machine to my local machine.

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    Instead of executing kettle pentaho, could you try to remotely execute a simple bat script which just writes a simple log file as output? I would suggest trying to make this work first, then move on to starting kettle remotely. And if you have problems, you could probably receive more and better help at some general scripting forum. Also, when you define shared files and folders, there's usually some distinction in rights, so make sure you have execute rights and not just read or write rights.
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    Thanks for the guidance. Simple bat script does not work, getting same error "Access Denied".
    But I have set all the permissions properly to read/write and given full control to this bat script.

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