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Thread: Changes in License for PDI community edition after bought by Hitachi ?

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    Default Changes in License for PDI community edition after bought by Hitachi ?

    Hi, i don't know if anyone have already asked this question. I am just wondering if there is any changes on the Pentaho DI community edition license after being bought by Hitachi. The reason that i am asking that we are utilizing PDI community edition for some of our processes in the company and i would like to make sure we are not violating any licenses .

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    The Community Edition has been under the Apache License, Version 2.0 for a long time (previously LGPL). I'd imagine that they'd very-publicly announce changes to the CE edition licensing if they were to do so, and it'd also require a very-large time investment in updating the all of the source code in GitHub, so it wouldn't be a shock for any community developers that contribute/watch the repository. There's also nothing stopping the community from forking the CE edition if Hitachi Vantara decided to change the license terms for a new version.

    In all likelihood, it'd be much easier for them to make any new feature development an EE-only option than to go this route. Hitachi Vantara's focus seems to be on Big Data and IoT platforms, so I don't think that it's likely that they're looking to convert smaller CE users to EE anytime soon, due to the smaller margins on those types of deals.

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