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Thread: Directory variable in PRD?

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    Default Directory variable in PRD?

    Forgive me that on Kettle forum but PRD oneis dead - I never got there any answer. Maybe someone will tell you how to solve:

    I use PDI where in transformation I have Pentaho Reporting Output step.
    In report I use PDI transformation as data source. Path to this transformation is static path, for instance "c:\pdi\workspace\some_job\transformation1.ktr"

    Problem is that when I move tranformation to another directory I have to redefine path. How to make it dynamic directory variable? Someting like ${Internal.Entry.Current.Directory} in PDI?


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    Try a PDI path of ./transformation.ktr instead of c:\pdi\workspace\some_job\transformation.ktr
    The limitation then is that the PRPT and the KTR need to be in the same directory.

    You should also be able to do things like ../Transforms/transformation.ktr to allow a directory structure like:
    -- Reports\
    ---- MyReport.PRPT
    -- Transforms\
    ---- transformation1.ktr

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    With your help it's evident :-)
    It works. Thank you very much indeed!

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