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Thread: Scope of variables Different between kettle 5 and kettle 8

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    Default Scope of variables Different between kettle 5 and kettle 8

    Hi All,

    I have a job run at kettle 5.0.0.CE successfully. but when i run the same job on kettle CE . It raise a error. I check the log and find the root cause is Scope of variables Different .
    the transformation cant' get the variable values in the kettle 8. I set the scope is root-job.

    but when i set it to JVM . It does work on kettle 8.

    I want to know what's the different between kettle5 and kettle 8 for variable scope. If i set the scope to JVM whether will impact the others job call by crontab.


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    Hasn't there been several discussions about bugs in version 8? I would try the latest version before looking for differences or bugs.

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    The buggy version with problems with variables was the Pentaho 8.1 version, Pentaho 8.0 and Pentaho 8.2 should be OK in that part.
    @zxx2403, sorry, I can't help with your problem, my tests migrating from 6.1 to 8.0 didn't revealed problems with the variables' scope, but I haven't tested extensively, and next time I have some spare time I'm testing/moving to 8.2.
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits
    Java: Openjdk 1.8.0_131
    Pentaho 6.1 CE

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