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Thread: Access of external jar using udjc step

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    Default Access of external jar using udjc step

    Hi all,

    Have anyone accessed external jars using udjc step?

    I am currently using pentaho 7 version.
    I have placed the jar file in pentaho lib folder and I also checked in file if classpath is mapped to lib folder.
    After all these checks there is still an issue.
    Can anyone pls help me out.
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    Yes I use external jar in udjc (user defined java class) step (on version

    As far as I remember, I only needed to:
    1) put .jar in /data-integration/lib folder
    2) declare correct imports in the top of class code, for example "import package.ClassName"

    I never figured out how to configure classpath and settings to use the libext folder, so I just put them in lib folder instead, didn't require any configuration (except imports as mentioned above). What errors are you getting?
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