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Thread: Records not getting populated correctly when no.of.copies > 1

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    Default Records not getting populated correctly when no.of.copies > 1

    Hi ,

    We face a weird scenario and wanted to check whether this is any pentaho bug or not

    We have transformation designed to read from a table and write to another table. The target table has got unique index on a ID field

    Table output step used has got multiple copies enabled to 4 , a step is added to the error handling hop as well to capture the DB errors from the step.

    When we have duplicate ID records from source table , the no .of rejects and the no.of records loaded in the table are not matching with no.of copies > 1 .
    it is working fine when we set no.of copies =1

    I did try avoiding the reject scenario by dropping the index on the target table and load with multiple copies settings . This also works fine.

    Anyone faced similar kind of issues ?

    Note : Pentaho Version 6.1 , MySQL Lib 5.1.27
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