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Thread: filtering XML data for a specific parent node

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    Default filtering XML data for a specific parent node

    i'm quite a beginner with PDI and i'm now trying to use the Get Data from XML input to retrieve just a few field from some XML files, it's quite simple with the get fields for "simple" nodes but i fail if when i need to extract a specific value of a child when a parent node matches a condition, for instance given the XML below i'd just need to extract the value of CompanyId when the CompanyRole = Custodian

    i tried for instance using Xpath


    and tweaking syntax but always get kettle exceptions, grateful if someone could point to the proper Xpath expression
    thanks in advance

    <ShortName>Carmignac Securite A USD acc H</ShortName>
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    Probably has to do with CompanyRole and CompanyType being adjacent branches, rather than being Parent/Child.

    You will likely need to chain a few Get Data from XML steps together to get a standard table structure. Then you can filter the rows.

    For Example:

    ---> Incoming Stream
    -> Get Data From XML (Loop Path: /GetAssetDetailsOverviewBasic_Response_1/AssetDetailsOverviewBasicResult )
    . Fields:
    Identity -> Single Node
    Support Company -> Single Node
    -> Get Data From XML (Loop Path: /SupportCompany/SupportCompaniesType )
    . Run Get Fields

    Now you'll have two rows from the content you posted. You can use a Filter Rows step to get only the data you want.
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    Thanks gutlez,
    after more trial and error i was able to get done in one step using Xpath like //SupportCompaniesType[CompanyRole='Custodian']//CompanyId It may have draw-downs but for the small exploration i'm doing seems to work.

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