I am on Pentaho 7. I have used variables quite heavily before. I have a batch of emails that need to be sent when certain things happen and I wanted to use the Mail Job step to send these emails out. The Mail Job step is quite nice because you can insert variables throughout the text in the Email message (essentially pulling data directly from the database).

My problem:
Works fine when I run from Spoon on my Windows machine.
When I push it out to my Pentaho Linux box, the variables aren't taking. I have set a bunch of validation checks along the way and have found none of my variables are getting set.

My structure:
I have one master job that decides which people get to be emailed, they get pitched into the "email" job one by one. My first step in the email job is to set the variables for the email step itself.

Anyone had a similar experience or able to point me in the right direction?