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Thread: Text file output -data not being written

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    Default Text file output -data not being written

    I am facing really strange problem. I am using kafka consumer plugin to receive continuous data which gets processed and then gets written to Mongodb using REST client plugin.

    If any error occurs from REST client, i am capturing API response in text file using text file output.

    My problem is, even though response came from REST Client, it shows as written to file but when i open it its empty. AS im using kafka consumer, transformation runs continuosly.
    When i stop transformation, REST response gets written to text file and i can see it as well.

    I want to see data while transformation is running and i dont want to stop running transformation. Please suggest. I am using PDI 7.2

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    PDI 7.2 is not a regular version so I think you are using 7.1?
    Is it due to the fact that the default settings for a transformation is a nr of rows in a rowset is 10000? So the text output wil wait till it receive 10000 records and then it will write those lines to the text file. You can try to lower that amount to see if that is the problem

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    Hi Johan,
    Please make sure that you have defined all the fields required in the "Fields" tab of text file output

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