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Thread: Saiku 3.15 + pentaho 8 : header column disappear

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    Default Saiku 3.15 + pentaho 8 : header column disappear

    Hi !

    I have a problem with some Saiku views.

    Sometimes, headers columns aren't displayed and members of these dimension (columns) take their places.

    I identifiy that it's happened with some user but not with others. It happen when users don't have write permission on the saiku file. When the write permission is given, it works but when user have only read permission error appears.

    Write permission :

    only read permission :

    Cells 4,5,6 are on the left instead of 1,2,3

    Is Somebody can help me ? Is there a solution to this issue ?

    Thanls in adavance.

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    Hi ,
    you can change the settings on the below mentioned path which will by default show all the measures and dimensions to all the user who are accessing the report/schema
    change property "
    DEFAULT_VIEW_STATE" to edit mode

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    Thanks for the answer but it doesn't work.
    When I put "edit" and users don't have edit permission on saiku file, i have the same result, dimensions names of columns disappear and columns headers are not at the right place

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