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Thread: REST Client: DELETE method issue - 401 error.

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    Default REST Client: DELETE method issue - 401 error.

    When using the REST Client to DELETE a record via API, I am getting a 401 Authorization Required error.

    When using an identical configuration for PUT, POST and GET, I do not get the error.

    I've contacted the owner of the API, and he can see that I'm getting denied access, but cannot determine why. He thinks it might be the way the token is passed.

    I've verifed that the url is correct for the record I wish to delete, and the token being passed is correct.

    If I change the method to GET for the same step, I get the record I wish to delete returned as the result.

    Any help?



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    You're authenticated, but not authorized.
    The problem seems to be with your access rights on the server.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    I'm having exaclty the same issue with 7.1 server

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