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Thread: Transpose data

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    Default Transpose data

    I have an excel file that I have the information in this form:
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    I need to implement the online column that is like that,
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    I use the step "Row-normalize" but I did not get to have the good result

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    What could possibly go wrong with Row-Normalizer after simply hitting "Get- fields"?
    Since you want to map all field values to the same "new field", there's not much to think about, too.
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Default transpose of source data

    Reviving two years old thread.

    If source data is :-

    Art A B C
    x 1215 1216 1852
    y 12 13 16

    Then it is not getting transposed in true sense (by following normalizer setup given in previous reply). Output from normalizer:-
    key value
    Art x
    A 1215
    B 1216
    C 1852
    Art y
    A 12
    B 13
    C 16

    Expected output is :-

    key value1 value2
    Art x y
    A 1215 12
    B 1216 13
    C 1852 16

    The idea is to create one column for every row (in source excel data) including header. Can anyone help me, here?


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    Because your expected output is re-denormalized.

    Remove the Art from the Normalize step.
    That gives you output like:

    typefield Art value
    A x 1215
    B x 1216
    C x 1852
    A y 12
    B y 13
    C y 16

    However, since you want to denormalize the data on typefield, you need to sort on that.

    Then you can feed it into a denormalizer step with Key of Art, Group of typefield, and Target fields of x and y.

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    Hi - many thanks for your answer. It worked! I didn't realized that it is a case of normalizer and then denormalizer. Thanks for helping me out.


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