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Thread: Read data from PDF file and need to load into table

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    Default Read data from PDF file and need to load into table


    there is a requirement on PDF data loads, we need to read the data from PDF file and need to load into table. i am not able to process the data in rows and columns wise because, when we transforming the data from PDF, data is transforming in undefined or unstructured way.

    column headers and the respective rows are not populating in order way.

    Could you please tell me how can we read the data with column headers and its respective data in proper way.

    Thank you

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    I feel like you have asked this before.

    The hint is in the expansion of the acronym: PDF
    PDF is Page Description Format
    It doesn't have standard columns and rows, so very few tools will actually process it the way you want to. PDI is not one of those tools. If you pre-process it into another format, then PDI might be able to help.

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    I think there are some java tools to do this, that perhaps you can integrate in PDI. I remember reading someone doing it in another place, but I don't know the details, I just got shock of the nightmare of having to read structure data from a PDF :-) A quick google search has come up with this:
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