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Thread: Help on pdi display on laptop

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    Default Help on pdi display on laptop

    I am seeking some help please on the visual elements of the spoon pdi. Using Data Integrator 8.1

    I have a desktop and a laptop. When I open jobs or transforms on the desktop they look fine - like they always have.
    But when the same file is opened on the laptop the icons and text tend to be on top of each other.
    Sure I could just tidy it up but I have hundreds of these.

    I had a similar issue with squirrel SQL (also a java app) and the explanation there was something about swing and high dpi monitors not playing well together.
    The laptop is a Microsoft one. The base resolution on laptop screen is 2256x1504 but there are two conventional 1920x1080 screens as well and this is where I am working with Spoon

    I have fiddled with the fonts in Tools->Options->Look & Feel but cant seem to improve things
    Does anybody know of any other switches or settings that could alleviate this ?

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