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Thread: Job Properties - 'Job name' and 'Directory' greyed out

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    Question Job Properties - 'Job name' and 'Directory' greyed out

    Hi, I started using pdi 8.0 (was using 7.1 before that) and shortly after I installed the new version, I see this issue. Is there some setting in the new version that I can change to allow me to change these values?


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    The directory field is always greyed out. The Directory Button is only enabled if you are connected to a Repository.
    Are you sure you are looking at Job Name, not Job Filename?

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    Hi gutlez, thanks for the reply.

    I am connected to a repository and the directory field and button are still disabled. Ive attached a screenshot of the Job Properties window to better explain what I am talking about. I am unable to change the directory path from this window, which is a pain in 8.0 because I have found that sometimes when I open a kjb and ktr, spoon will overwrite the directory of that file.

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    The same thing is happening to me. I'm connected to a Pentaho Repository and when I try to change the Name or Directory on the transformation settings, it is greyed out/disabled.

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    Has anyone found an answer to this. I am having the same issue, also when moving from 7.0 to 8.0. Pretty sure this was not a problem with 7.0

    This is what I discovered.
    If you are connected to a database repository, the transformation name is greyed out.
    However when you are not connected to a repository, then you are able to change the transformation name, and of course you save the transformation to a folder on your OS.

    I am trying to follow an Example from Pentaho 8 reporting for Java Developers, and cannot change the Transformation Name when connected to my test repository.
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    In the "Repository Explorer" you can rename a transformation or job. You can also move them to another directory. I don't know why you can't do that in transformation and job properties anymore
    When using a file repository you can still do that in the properties of a transformation and job

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