Is there an easy way to take the data from a Table Input step and convert it somehow to get the verbose output like when running SQLs in the console?

Order Ref    ASIN        Location    Case                Due Date    ID
XXjxgkYRS    XXX1DQ48M5    0130403050    1234500000812889    2019-07-19    14
XX2ThCPpC    XXXCU2Y2Y0    0133102050    1234500000810658    2019-07-19    14
XXLQFqTNC    XXXCU2Y2Y0    0133403040    1234500000810659    2019-07-19    14
XXY5kg0xC    XXX0AOJ9W6    0253606060    1234500000831639    2019-07-19    14
XXSYGFdFC    XXXNQF5OWA    0282105050    1234500000839660    2019-07-19    14
I want to take that output and then put it directly into the e-mail body instead of attaching a text file.
I know that I can use JS to build it column by column but is there anything more flexible/simple?