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Thread: Merging delimited text files with maximum value found

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    Default Merging delimited text files with maximum value found


    I am trying to merge multiple text files using the maximum value found at a particular row & column

    All the text files have exactly the same number of rows and columns, as per the below image and attached sample data
    The twa column always has values from 0-180 in increments of 5 degrees

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    Say for example:
    • the values of all the tws columns are initially zero
    • the first text file has values as shown in the attached image
    • if a subsequent text file has a value at a particular row/column that is greater than the previous value, update it.
      So say a subsequent text file has a value of 5 in the tws14 column, twa=40 row, then update it (yellow highlight would become 5)
    • if a subsequent text file had a lower value (say 3) in this position, then nothing would change

    I have tried writing the data to a database various and using lookups/filters, database update queries etc etc, without success.
    The end goal is to write a text file in the same format as the originals- which I am ok doing if I have the data in a suitable form (say a database table)

    I think that there is probably a simpler way to achieve this than my efforts- so if someone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it

    thank you in advance

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